‘The Ginger Mallard is a food and drink sales business representing award-winning producers’

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We work with exceptional food and drink producers offering a fully outsourced sales solution. We will get you into the market places and sectors you desire. We save you money compared to taking on and employing full time sales people.

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We are well connected, and have exceptional contacts within the food and drink sector. We are in contact with buyers, and have relationships already in place. Our expertise has been gained within the Premium Independent, Foodservice and Wholesale/Distributors markets. We are also able to break into new markets for you; "It’s what we do". We have worked with producers of pies, pasties, hand-crafted chocolates, confectionery, home baking kits, sauces, cocktails, branded and own-label products.

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  • Garden Centre Groups / Farm Shops / Food Halls / Visitor Attractions /
  • Premium Deli’s / Premium Independent retail /
  • Foodservice / Catering / Wholesale / Distribution /
  • Department Stores / Retail / Travel /
What our clients say about us:
"The Ginger Mallard has won new business for us that we couldn’t get into ourselves."

Experienced Sales Professionals without the cost of full-time, permanent staff?

Sound Good?

‘We love what we do, and love working with like-minded high achieving producers’

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We take the time to get to know you and your business, because success comes from working together to achieve a common goal. We’re flexible in our approach to tailor a plan based on your requirements. We love our work and believe enjoying what we do and the people we work with makes for even better sales.

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We fully expense ourselves so there are no costs to be incurred for travel, mileage, or accommodation; meaning a very cost effective sales solution compared to full-time or permanent sales staff.

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Examples of what we offer:
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Retained Sales Services

Working on a retained basis we win, grow, and manage customers. We make a great first impression and a lasting relationship with new business. We fully expense ourselves so there are no other costs to pay, which will save you money.
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Fixed Term Sales Services

Maybe a day a week, a 3-month project, or perhaps several weeks of focus. We are flexible and can tailor our solution to meet your desired goal. We can support you on a new product launch, seasonal pre-sales, or simply driving growth in a certain area.
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Ad-hoc sales Services

We can offer support with exhibitions, sampling events, or just helping you out with quality selling as and when you need.

What our clients say about us:
"The Ginger Mallard helped get us into Selfridges food halls. They helped to launch our range, worked on merchandising and ensured repeat orders kept coming through."

We are experienced selling within premium markets and will help you grow sales.

‘We provide a one-stop sales solution’

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Our contacts span across multiple sectors within food and drink. Our database of buyers is ever growing. We have close and enviable links into growing distribution businesses with access to over 400 live customers. These fall within deli’s, farm shops, café’s, coffee shops, visitor attractions, and premium independent retailers. For the right products, we have exceptional sales opportunities.

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What we offer:

OUR PLAN OF ACTION - We take time to get to know you and your business. We map out a clear, specific sales plan based around your requirements, aspirations, and desired routes to market.

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OUR REPORTING - We offer weekly reporting to let you know what we’ve achieved. Speaking regularly on the phone to ensure good levels of communication, we like to work closely with you to ensure we’re moving towards the results you require.

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OUR GOAL – We aim to exceed your expectations. Our end goal is to build a strong relationship with you, with a view to continue growing and managing sales. We’re flexible in discussing and agreeing how to move forward and where the future can take us.

What our clients say about us:
"The Ginger Mallard has been supporting us since 2015. Arran has opened doors for us that we never dreamt of."

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The Team

What our clients say about us:
"Absolutely top drawer, great door opener, new business closer, and great account growth. Customers and team think he's great, I think he’s terrific."
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The Ginger Mallard portrait

Arran Malpass - Director

Arran is an experienced National Account Manager within Food & Drinks. Having successfully worked in foodservice, wholesale, and independent markets, before setting up and running The Ginger Mallard Ltd. A passionate Foodie and lover of all things quality.